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This module provides a transformation of common values and words into boolean values.
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-- Function allowing for consistent treatment of boolean-like wikitext input.
-- It works similarly to the template {{yesno}}.

return function (val, default, emptyDefault)
	-- If your wiki uses non-ascii characters for any of "yes", "no", etc., you
	-- should replace "val:lower()" with "mw.ustring.lower(val)" in the
	-- following line.
	val = type(val) == 'string' and val:lower() or val
	if val == nil then
		return nil
	elseif val == true 
		or val == 'yes'
		or val == 'y'
		or val == 'oui'
		or val == 'o'
		or val == 'true'
		or val == 'sí'
		or tonumber(val) == 1
		return true
	elseif val == false
		or val == 'no'
		or val == 'n'
		or val == 'non'
		or val == 'false'
		or tonumber(val) == 0
		return false
	elseif emptyDefault ~= nil and type(val) == 'string' and val:match( '^%s*$' ) then
		return emptyDefault
		return default