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Tech News: 2019-23[editar]

15:24 3 jun 2019 (UTC)

Tech News: 2019-24[editar]

17:07 10 jun 2019 (UTC)

Re-thinking where to put the focus on - the collaborative creation of the "List of articles every Wikivoyage should have" on Meta[editar]

One of the issues with any wiki site is that unless the editor community agrees upon where it is mostly important to put most efforts, usually everyone just improves random articles without knowing what to prioritize... this becomes a bigger issue with the smaller communities where if there are only two or three active editors... they would usually create mostly random stubs that aren’t of much interest to their readers, just because most people wouldn’t know on the top of the head what travel destinations are of most interest to people.

In order to tackle this issue, some wiki sites develop a vital/core article list based on the consensus in that community, which could be used both as a way to focus most efforts where they are most needed (for example, by encouarging the editors to make as many Guide articles and Star articles from all the articles on the core articles list) but also as a way to encourage the other parallel editions of that wiki to create the articles deemed to be the most vital articles as well.

I especially like Wikipedia’s vital articles list... but also Meta’s List of articles every Wikipedia should have.

I think that the existence of such a list, that might even be of use here at the Spanish Wikivoyage, would be especially important as it would inspire all the smaller editions of Wikivoyage to make sure that the articles which are of the most interest to their readers are the ones in which most efforts are directed towards + that a priority would be given to improving the quality of the most prominent and sought after articles.

As such I decided to plunge forward and create a draft for this list at Meta. It currently includes exactly 1,000 articles. The list isn't finished! Please help us improve the list by going over it, making note of the articles you think are missing from it, and suggesting them at the discussion page of that page at meta. ויקיג'אנקי (discusión) 13:29 15 jun 2019 (UTC)[responder]

Tech News: 2019-25[editar]

20:38 17 jun 2019 (UTC)

Solicitud de tutoría[editar]

Buenas a todos. Quisiera solicitar tutoría para Wikiviajes. Gracias. --Villalaso (discusión) 01:59 23 jun 2019 (UTC)[responder]

Respondido en su página de discusión. --Hispano76 (discusión) 14:55 26 jun 2019 (UTC)[responder]

Tech News: 2019-26[editar]

17:30 24 jun 2019 (UTC)