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Hakodate (函館) es una ciudad ubicada al sur de Hokkaido y es la capital de la subprefectura de Oshima.





Vista desde el monte Hakodate durante la noche.
  • 1 Monte Hakodate (函館山, 334m; A ropeway will take you up for ¥640/1160 one-way/return. There are also buses from platform 4 of the main bus station in front of Hakodate Station. A trip back and forth will cost ¥360, however, the Day Pass is valid, making it a great deal! The bus frequently stops at stunning points along its venture up - this can be important as the top station is often covered in clouds.). Offers spectacular views of the city of Hakodate in clear weather and offers, according to locals, one of the Three Best Night Views of not merely Japan but the entire world (the other claimants being Naples and Hong Kong). The busiest time is during sunset, so if you plan to take a sunset photograph, be ready to arrive early and claim your spot. and be prepared for a 40-minutes waiting queue to catch the cable car back from the summit. Precio: Ropeway: ¥640/1160 one-way/return; Bus: ¥360 return or included in Day Pass.
Fort Goryōkaku from observation tower
  • Fuerte de Tsugaru (津軽要塞)
  • 2 Fuerte Goryōkaku (五稜郭; Streetcar Goryōkaku-kōen-mae (五稜郭公園前) stop). Completed in 1864, this was Japan's first Western-style fortress and finished just in time for it to be occupied by the Ezo Republic as their headquarters. It never saw any action though, as the rebels surrendered peacefully. Most of the fort was consequently demolished and this is now a large park and popular cherry-blossom spot in spring. The fort also houses a small museum with exhibits on local history (rotating each year).
  • 3 Goryōkaku Tower (五稜郭タワー; Streetcar Goryōkaku-kōen-mae (五稜郭公園前) stop nearby Fort Goryōkaku (五稜郭)). From the 90-meter viewing platform you can get a striking view of the star-shaped fort. Neat dioramas tell the story of the Enomoto and Ezo Republic (see sidebox), and the role of the fort in Hakodate's history; an English pamphlet is available. The views from Goryōkaku Tower is different on each season. In spring, you can enjoy seeing 1,600 cherry blossoms and the view from the tower is a best place to see them. However, it takes at least 3 hours to go up the tower in cherry blossom season because of the crowds. In summer, you can enjoy full green trees, and in fall you can enjoy the changing leaves. In winter, Goryōkaku is covered with snow and is illuminated at night. Precio: Adults ¥840, child & group discounts.






  • Oyado Aozora Inn (おやど青空). A 2 minutes walk from the Hakodate station. It is a cozy inn with clean tatami rooms run by an English speaking Japanese lady. Laundry available and the internet in the lounge area is free.
  • Minshuku Sumitomo-Inn (民宿住友). ive blocks (or street lights) straight on from Hakodate station, or take the bus to Omori-cho. Rooms are typical Japanese 15-tatami Spartan minshuku-style, bathroom included. In 2007, management did not speak English (despite its website having an English page).
  • Tōyoko Inn. There are two of these hotels in Hakodate (Asaichi and Daimon) and both are within easy walking distance of Hakodate station. They offer very convenient and cheap rooms but lack the 'Japanese experience' you may get from other options. Rooms can be reserved online through an English website.
  • 1 Comfort Hotel (コンフォートホテル; Across the square in front of the train station). A business hotel conveniently located next to the train station. Rooms are small but clean, and the price includes breakfast. Precio: ¥5000 for a double room.

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