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Altes Rathaus (ayuntamiento) .

Bamberg se ubica en la Franconia superior, una región en Baviera, Alemania. Se ubica a 49° 53' 38" N y 10° 53' 8" E, con una población cercana a 70 000 residentes. Dada un arquitectura histórica y patrimonio, Bamberg entero pertenece a UNESCO World Heritage List.


En tren[editar]

Deutsche Bahn sirve a Bamberg con frecuencia ferroviarias. Salidas a Wurzburg, Nuremberg, y Bayreuth, y expresos a Múnich and Berlin. Visite Deutsche Bahn's website para información adicional.[1]

Get around[editar]

Caminar es la mejor forma para visitar el casco histórico (Altstadt). La estación de ferrocarril (Hauptbahnhof ) esta a unos 2 km noreste del casco histórico (Altstadt). Camine o tome un bus.


Front of Bamberg Cathedral.
  • The Bamberger Dom (catedral de Bamberg) contains the intruiging Bamberg Rider sculpture. No one knows for sure who the young royal rider is.
  • Kloster Michelsberg (Michaelsberg Abbey)
  • The Altes Rathaus (old townhall) is perched in the middle of a bridge above the Regnitz River and is a must-see. [2] [3].
  • Alte Hofhaltung
  • Neue Residenz
  • Biblioteca Estatal de Bamberg (Staatsbibliothek Bamberg) en la Residencia Nueva. [4]


  • Sandkerwa (site in German) is held over the last weekend in August, Sandkerwa is a six day folk festival that consumes the entire town, with some 300,000 people attending. It is a festival with offerings of beer and food that rivals or even exceeds the likes of Oktoberfest and includes local traditions such as "fish jousting".
  • Walk around and simply enjoy.



Beber y salir[editar]

  • Try Rauchbier (English: Smoked beer), unique to Bamberg. The two main brewers are Schlenkerla and Spezial, both of which have taverns where you can sample the beers.

Rauchbier is a traditional Franconian beer style made all or in part from beechwood-smoked barley malt. Before modern kilns became common, most malt was dried over an open flame and most beers features some smokiness. Today, Bamberg is one of very few locations where the old-school smoking takes place. Most rauchbiers are medium-to-full-bodied lagers with pronounced smoke & malt character, light bitterness, and minimal hop flavor. Smoked versions of Weissbier and Bockbier are also available. Around Christmas Schlenkerla also produces a special Bock made with oak-smoked malt; called Eiche (meaning oak) and during Lent produces another special called Fastenbier available only on draught at the Schlenkera tavern. Schlenkerla malts and smokes their own barley, and Bamberg-based malting giant Weyermann produces a comparable version available for export around the world for home and commercial use.

  • Spezialkeller, 🏠 Sternwartstraße 1 (up the stairs near Concordia, turn left and left again), 0951/54887 The open air location to drink Spezial-Beer with typical local food having a panorama view over the city.


  • DJH Jugendherberge Bamberg-Wolfsschlucht, 🏠 Oberer Leinritt 70 (across the river (via footbridge) from the tip of Hainpark with car access via Am Rengnitzufer), +49 951 56002 Paddleboating and swimming opportunities are just a few minutes walk away in the Hain, and restaurants and bars are equally close around the corner in Bug. The Bamberger Altstadt is a very pleasant 30-40 minute riverside walk. A DJG/Hostelling International membership is required and available for purchase upon check-in.


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