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Canal de Otaru al atardecer.

Otaru (小樽) es una ciudad portuaria ubicada en la subprefectura de Shiribeshi, Hokkaido, Japón. La ciudad está cerca de Sapporo y es un destino turístico por su comida, sus construcciones históricas y sus tiendas.





Una escena del famoso Festival de la Ruta de la Luz de la Nieve (Yuki Akari no Michi) en el Canal de Otaru.
  • 1 Canal de Otaru (小樽運河), 🏠 色内1丁目, +81 134 32-4111 The canal was completed in 1923. The canal has been developed as a walkway. It is lit at night by gas lamps and walkway lights. Located 10 minutes walk from Otaru Station. Free.
  • 2 Otaru Music Box Museum (小樽オルゴール堂), 🏠 1-2-3 Irifune, +81 134 22-1108, fax: +81 0134 21-2531, : . 🕓 9AM-7PM. A museum that contains exhibits about the development of music boxes, a collection of several notable music boxes, as well as an extensive store that carries many different types. For a fee, customers can build their own music boxes. The museum is also part of a larger complex of buildings in the surrounding area, which include a stuffed animal collection as well as an antiques museum. free.
  • 3 Steam Clock Outside of the music box museum, the steam clock was a gift from Vancouver to Otaru. Powered entirely by steam, the clock plays a chime every 15 minutes, and features the main steam whistle on the hour.
  • 4 Otaru Snow Light Festival (小樽雪あかりの路) Called "Yuki Akari no Michi", this Winter festival features paths illuminated with lanterns made of ice. The most scenic view is from the Otaru canal. You can also view many ice lanterns clustered along the abandoned railway a few blocks away from the canal. The festival runs in the first-second week of February.






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